Remi's Journey: Finding Comfort and Performance with APIIR

In the world of cycling, the pursuit of the perfect fit can feel like chasing a rainbow's end—always just out of reach. But for Remi, a cyclist with a history of setbacks, that elusive goal became a reality thanks to APIIR.


Remi's story is one of perseverance and discovery. A former elite athlete with Lillehammer CK, his dreams took a detour when a thigh injury interrupted his career in 2011. Despite his best efforts, the injury continued to haunt him, especially during longer rides where discomfort in his left thigh would rear its head.


Fast forward to today, and Remi's life revolves around family and his love for cycling. But the discomfort remained, a reminder of past struggles. It was during a trip to Trondheim that Remi decided to seek help at Brattørkaia Bike Shop, hoping for a solution.


Enter APIIR. Introduced to the technology by Brattørkaia Bike Shop in 2023, Remi and a friend embarked on a mission to fine-tune his riding position using APIIR's innovative bike fit technology.


The results were a game changer.


With his new setup, Remi tackled virtual mountains on Rouvy with newfound confidence. The desire to push his boundaries led him to attempt the unthinkable: completing an everesting challenge in April 2024. It was a remarkable achievement made possible by APIIR's technology.


Remi's journey is a testament to how small adjustments can make a huge difference. Through APIIR, he found not only relief from discomfort but also a newfound sense of possibility.


We are proud and thankful for Remi’s story, and hope that APIIR will continue to help other cyclists reach their goals!

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