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By purchasing a bike fit, you'll receive:


  • A recommended position tailored to your profile and pain assessment.

  • A step-by-step bike fit process designed for you to gain insights into bike fitting.

  • 60 days of unlimited steps and iterations, guiding you towards an optimal biking position.

  • A detailed report documenting your bike fit, including final measurements of your bike. You can check out an example report here: APIIR REPORT

We promise you'll have an easy and valuable experience with Apiir. If you're not satisfied, we're here to help, and we guarantee a refund if you're not happy in the end.


Everything you are wondering

Do I need a bike trainer or roller?

Yes, having a bike trainer or roller helps ensure precise results. If you don’t own one, you might find a friend who does. In some cases, you can simulate pedaling against a wall without the chain or pedal backward, but for accurate results, we recommend using a bike trainer or roller.

Which bike types can I fit?

APIIR offers bike fitting for a wide range of bike types, including Road, Gravel, Mountain, Triathlon and Hybrid bikes.

Within the app, you can add multiple bikes, and simply choose which bike you are fitting at the current moment. 

Where do the optimal positions come from?

The optimal bike positions result from a combination of biomechanics, cycling literature, and insights from professional bike fitters. Your ideal position depends on factors such as your body composition, mobility, training, goals, and any pains or injuries you may have.

How do I get the best results

To achieve optimal results, ensure proper lighting and wear fitted clothes that contrast with the background. This helps the AI accurately capture your cycling position.

How accurate is the algorithm?

Most of our customers, who have tried both our affordable and fast Apiir Bike fit and also the pricier fits from competitors, report that the results are nearly identical.

Can I perform the procedure alone?

Yes, you can conduct the bike fitting solo. However, you’ll need something to hold the camera while you’re on the bike. This could be a friend, a tripod, a stable surface like a bookshelf or windowsill, or any creative solution you can devise.

Why should I choose Apiir?

Apiir stands out as the most user-friendly option available. We offer swift customer service and the option to chat with our experts for additional guidance. We value feedback, welcoming all criticism and fresh ideas. Feel free to contact us anytime with your thoughts or queries.

What do I need to perform a bike fit?

To perform a bike fit using Apiir, gather your bike, a bike trainer, and a smartphone with the Apiir app installed. Additionally, having measuring tape and bike adjustment tools handy will be beneficial for making necessary adjustments during the fitting process.

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