How does APIIR work?

Ever curious about the process and benefits of a bike fit with APIIR? Look no further! We've gathered all the information you need in one place. Let's dive into the key aspects of a bike fit with APIIR.


  • Which bike types can you fit?

  • Performing a Body Scan and Mobility Test

  • Registering Pains

  • Bike Fit

  • Final Report

What bike types can you fit?

APIIR offers bike fitting for a wide range of bike types, including Road, Gravel, Mountain, Triathlon and Hybrid bikes. Within the app, you can add multiple bikes, and simply choose which bike you are fitting at the current moment. 
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Body Scan and Mobility Test

To prevent injuries and increase performance, it is crucial to adapt the bike to your current mobility and the way your body moves now.


Our body scan ensures that the bike fit is in harmony with your physical structure, taking your body composition into account. 


Additionally, the mobility test focuses on measuring your hamstring flexibility. This provides us insight on how your flexibility will affect your cycling posture and efficiency. 


Mapping your cycling-related pains and discomforts is a key part of our bike fitting process. We analyze 8 types of injuries today, and use these to customize your bike fit experience. 


Using your body scan, mobility test results, and reported pains, we draw from our extensive research into bike fitting literature, collaborations with physiotherapists, and professional bike fitters to tailor your bike perfectly to your body and needs. 


Bike Fit

The goal of a bike fit is to tailor your bike to your body. We achieve this by using the information you provide in your profile,  place you within the desired protocol.

Bike fitting is an iterative process: we record a video of you cycling, adjust your position, and continue in this manner until the desired result is achieved.

Today, we offer adjustment suggestions on:


  • Saddle height
  • Saddle position (fore/aft)
  • Handlebar height
  • Stem length

Each adjustment comes with a clear explanation. We don't just tell you what adjustments to make; we explain why they are important.


Once within protocol, you will feel the difference a bike fit with APIIR makes! 


Final Report

At the end of your bike fit, you will receive a detailed final report. This report provides an in-depth analysis of your bike fit journey, including:

  • A review of the adjustments you made, offering step by step insight into the evolution of your bike fit.
  • Understanding the rationale behind our recommendations
This report is not just a summary; it's a valuable tool for ongoing reference and understanding of your cycling posture and preferences.
Check out an example report through this link: APIIR REPORT

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