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Our story

Apiir originated at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, initially focusing on creating efficient tools for physiotherapists. However, our journey took a fascinating turn as we discovered the remarkable value of our technology in the world of cycling.


Collaborating closely with cyclists across Norway, we developed our first product – a bike fitting app. Today, Apiir is all in on cycling, actively seeking opportunities to enhance biking experiences globally!

Our goal

At Apiir, we're on a mission to encourage people to choose cycling for an active and happy lifestyle. Picture us as your reliable biking buddy, always in your pocket, committed to enhancing your cycling experience.


Rooted in a love for innovation and technology, we're dedicated to bringing the benefits of advanced technology in the hands of cyclists everywhere. Making bike fitting easy and accessible for all!
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Our bike fitter

Petter Gustavsen is our expert bike fitter. He is a certified bike fitter through the International Bike Fitting Institute (IBFI), and holds the highest certification in Scandinavia. He has been working with bike fitting and analysis since 2011, performing more than 7000 bike fits. Petter serves as the Nordic representative for IBFI, delivering lectures and providing education in bike fitting and analysis.


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