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better biking experience.


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Optimizes performance

A well-fitted bike boosts cycling performance, optimizing your position for speed and efficiency, making it your secret to peak performance.


Enhancing comfort

A bike fit ensures your bike suits your body, guaranteeing remarkable comfort and reducing injury risks. A misadjusted bike can lead to persistent pain, diminishing the joy of cycling.


Reduces risk of injuries

Cycling, without an optimal riding position, can lead to discomfort and injuries. A bike fit prevents issues, maintains muscle balance, and ensures a pain-free, injury-free experience.


24.99 EUR 299 NOK 299 SEK 199 DKK 22.99 GBP 22.99 USD

By purchasing a bike fit, you'll receive:


  • A recommended position tailored to your profile and pain assessment.

  • A step-by-step bike fit process designed for you to gain insights into bike fitting.

  • 14 days of unlimited steps and iterations, guiding you towards an optimal biking position.

  • A detailed report documenting your bike fit, including final measurements of your bike.

We promise you'll have an easy and valuable experience with Apiir. If you're not satisfied, we're here to help, and we guarantee a refund if you're not happy in the end.