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By far the easiest way to get a

better biking experience.


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Optimizes performance

A well-fitted bike boosts cycling performance, optimizing your position for speed and efficiency, making it your secret to peak performance.


Enhancing comfort

A bike fit ensures your bike suits your body, guaranteeing remarkable comfort and reducing injury risks. A misadjusted bike can lead to persistent pain, diminishing the joy of cycling.


Reduces risk of injuries

Cycling, without an optimal riding position, can lead to discomfort and injuries. A bike fit prevents issues, maintains muscle balance, and ensures a pain-free, injury-free experience.


24.99 EUR 299 NOK 299 SEK 199 DKK 22.99 GBP 22.99 USD

For a fraction of the price of our competitors you get a proper bike fit, that improves performance by optimizing your position and pedaling efficiency.

It prevents common discomforts and ensures balanced muscle training to prevent further injuries.

We can almost guarantee a more comfortable ride, reducing discomfort and the risk of injury.

Riding on a bicycle that is properly fitted, instills confidence, making each ride more enjoyable.

Enjoy the ride!