Cycling & Hip Pain

Hip Pain

Hip discomfort, is a frequent issue among cyclists. This guide aims to address how Apiir 
solves this issue, followed by alternative considerations that can help with alleviating hip 


Range of motion

Hip pain can be a result of limited or excessive range of motion in the hip while cycling. Apiir can solve this issue by multiple adjustments, while taking into consideration your other discomforts and riding style. One important consideration is the saddle height, so  that it is optimal in regard og knee flexion, and allows for a good range of motion in the hips. Another consideration is the height difference between the saddle and handlebars, as this is a big factor in how aggressive you sit on the bike. Increasing or lowering the handlebar height can help relieve hip pain.


Mobility Training and Post-Ride Care

Incorporating mobility exercises can improve hip flexibility and strength. This can include stretches and movements specifically targeting hip flexors, glutes, and surrounding muscles. Improved mobility helps in achieving a more efficient and pain-free pedal stroke.

Post-ride care, such as stretching and using foam rollers, can assist in relieving tight muscles and preventing hip pain.


Apiir can get you in touch with a Specialist

Persistent hip pain, despite adjustments based on Apiir, indicates the need for a professional assessment. Apiir can get you in touch with a specialist, potentially uncovering underlying issues not immediately apparent through Apiir.


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