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Cycling & Hand Pain


Hand discomfort, including wrist pain and numbness, is a frequent issue among cyclists.
This guide aims to address how Apiir solves this issue, followed by alternative considerations that can help with alleviating hand discomfort.



Optimizing Handlebar Height

Apiir examines your handlebar height, which is a key aspect regarding hand pain. A big
drop, the difference between saddle height and handlebar height, can put too much
pressure on the hands. Apiir looks at the saddle height and handlebar height to strike
the perfect balance, to relieve pressure from your hands.

Optimizing Reach and Hand Position

Apiir examines your bike's reach metrics, by looking at the angles formed by your wrist,
shoulder, and arm. With this information, we try to give you a reasonable stem
recommendation to address your hand pain. Sitting to overextended can tend to put
excessive pressure on the hands, and shortening the stem can have a big impact on the

Make sure that you are gripping your handlebars correctly. On a road and gravel bike,
the correct hand position is found by placing the area between your thumb and index
finger near the hoods upward curve. If you find your hands slipping backwards on the
handlebars while cycling, a shorter stem should be considered!


Apiir can get you in touch with a Specialist

Persistent hand pain, despite adjustments based on Apiir, indicates the need for a
professional assessment. Apiir can get you in touch with a specialist, potentially
uncovering underlying issues not immediately apparent through Apiir.


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