Apiir Bikefit Report Explained


When you complete an Apiir bikefit, you receive a comprehensive report that
summarizes your entire bike fitting session. This blog post will delve into what the Apiir bikefit report offers and how it can benefit your cycling experience.

Session Summary

Your report starts with a session summary, detailing the specific changes made to your
bike. This includes adjustments in saddle height, saddle fore-aft positioning, stem
length, and handlebar height. This makes it easy for you to get a good overview of the
changes you made, and if desired, to further adjust upon these!

Bike Information

The report provides detailed information about your bike, including make, model, type
and measurements of your bike. This provides a simple reference point for how your
bike is set up, making it easier to transfer measurements between bikes and ensuring a
good fit on these as well! Note that frame geometry plays a significant role in bike fitting,
and we recommend getting a bike fit for each individual bike.

Reported Injuries and Discomforts

A crucial part of the report is the analysis of any reported injuries and discomforts. This
section offers insights into the injuries and discomforts you have applied to this bike fit,
and gives you a basis of understanding which injuries and discomforts this bike fit aims
to solve.

Initial and Fit Angles

The report includes a table that provides an overview of the angles you started with and
those you ended up with. This makes it very easy to see how the changes you have
made to your bike have affected your angles.


Step-by-Step Assessment

You also receive a step-by-step assessment of each adjustment suggested, why we
suggested it, and what adjustment you actually made during that step. This provides an
in-depth overview of each step of the bike fit.

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