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Enhance Comfort and Reduce Risk of Injury

Injuries can be a barrier to your training and your ability to perform at a desired level.


Thus, it is essential to maintain a sitting position that avoids introducing new discomforts, while also mitigating any pre-existing injuries or discomfort.


Although cycling is not considered a high-impact sport, it is unique in the repetitiveness of its movements. Repetitive motions over extended periods are a recipe for strain injuries. Low-impact stress on the body and joints over longer time can have significant consequences.


Particularly, muscle imbalance is a common issue among cyclists; for example, overusing the front thigh muscles more than the rear thigh muscles due to a too-low saddle height can lead to knee discomfort over time.

How does Apiir help?

At Apiir, we understand that the body is constantly changing. To avoid and prevent injuries, it is crucial to adapt the bike to your current mobility and the way your body moves now. Therefore, we believe that bike fitting is not a one-off thing, but rather a process that should be done regularly.


Based on your profile information, which consists of: 


  • A body scan, to determine your body composition
  • A mobility test, containing information on how aggressive your riding position can be
  • Pain/discomfort registration, to ensure that we can fit your bike accordingly 

we are able to, from our extensive research into bike fitting literature, collaboration with physiotherapist and professional bike fitters, tailor your bike to your body and needs. 

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Getting the rider within the correct riding protocol is a huge step towards a more comfortable and enjoyable ride, tackling both the issues of muscle imbalance and the pains you register in your profile. 


The angle ranges used by Apiir are drawn from extensive bike research and  cycling literature, refined and tailored to each cyclist in collaboration with bike fitters.


Consciously or not, being outside of protocol may force your body to compensate, which may affect other parts of your biking experience, such as comfort, pains and performance. 


Apiir solves that by placing you within the optimal angles, based on your profile setup. 

Customer stories 

At the heart of our mission is providing cyclists the opportunity to ride pain-free and minimize the risk of future injuries. We are pleased to report that we have assisted numerous customers in achieving this goal, which has also contributed to their improved performance on the bike. Check out some of our customer statements!