As seen on: Peak Torque

Peak Torque makes videos on bikes and engineering, and tested out a bikefit with APIIR. In this video, he shares his raw opinion on the app



As seen on: The Watt Life

The Watt Life edge-tested APIIR, where he does a very thorough walkthrough on how to use the app. Additionally, he edge tested the app, to see how it performs under different conditions

As seen on: Benji Naesen

Benji Naesen broke his bike while traveling, which resulted in him buying a new one. In this occasion, he fitted his bike using APIIR

As seen on: Gaye Paris

Gaye Paris is a physiotherapist, cyclist, and YouTuber who tested APIIR's solution for conducting a bike fit. In this video, she gives an overview of the app, but also discusses the benefits of a bike fit.

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