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How to use the Apiir bike fit app

Are discomfort and pain plaguing your cycling sessions? Are you yearning for a riding position that's custom-tailored to you? Your search ends here! Introducing the Apiir bike fit app, poised to transform your cycling experience. In this guide, we'll walk you through how to use the Apiir bike fit app to achieve the optimal bike fit for your body and riding style.


Key Takeaways:

  • In the Apiir bike fit app you start of by creating a user profile. This includes a body scan, hamstring mobility test and some info about your cycling

  • You film yourself riding on a bike trainer form one side and upload it for analysis

  • Read the results and adjust your bake based on the recommended adjustments. Repeat filming and adjusting until your bike is tailored to you


Step 1: Create an user profile

The initial and vital step when using the Apiir bike fit app involves creating a user profile. This is a two-step process consisting of a body scan and a hamstring mobility test. These steps are all about understanding your unique body composition and mobility to ensure a comfortable and injury-free ride.

Body Scan

The body scan provides valuable insights about your body composition. It helps us understand your body's proportions, which is essential for determining the right bike fit. For instance, some riders may have longer legs, while others may have longer upper bodies. Factors such as these significantly influence the customization of your bike fit.


Hamstring Mobility Test:

Hamstring flexibility plays a pivotal role in determining the appropriate riding posture. It is crucial to adopt a posture that avoids overextending your hamstring muscles, reducing the risk of muscle strains or injuries.


User Profile:

The app uses the data collected from your body scan and hamstring mobility to create a personalized user profile tailored to your unique physical characteristics. This profile serves as the foundation for delivering a one-of-a-kind bike fit, complete with recommendations for your optimal riding posture.

Step 2: Ride and Analyze

Once you've completed your profile, it's time to get on your bike and start riding. Here's how the Apiir bike fit app helps you achieve the perfect bike fit:

Record Bike Fit

Place your bike on a trainer and begin cycling. The app will capture a video of you riding, which is then used to analyze your riding posture.



The magic happens during the analysis. The app uses advanced algorithms to assess your riding posture based on the video recording. It identifies areas where adjustments are needed to optimize your bike fit.


The app pinpoints specific areas requiring adjustments to optimize your bike fit, such as saddle adjustments or handlebar adjustments. Make one adjustment at a time, following the app’s guidance. After you have made one adjustment, record a new video of your updated riding position.

Repeat Until Perfect

Continue making adjustments and recording videos until you achieve the ideal riding position. The app's iterative process ensures that every tweak brings you closer to the most comfortable and efficient bike fit possible.

By the end of this process, you'll have a bike setup that's tailored specifically to your body's unique characteristics and riding style. No more discomfort, no more pain – just the joy of cycling with a perfect fit.

Join the Cycling Revolution!

Using the Apiir bike fit app is a game-changer for cyclists who want to optimize their riding experience. By combining body composition analysis, hamstring mobility, and video analysis, the app guides you towards the perfect bike fit. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to enjoyable, pain-free rides. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play, and start your journey towards the ultimate bike fit today! Happy cycling!

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